HTPS™ is a leader in the field of hydro-transportation. This is a cost-effective method of transporting bulk solids over distances by pumping material through a pipeline using water or other liquid as a transportation medium.

As orebody grades decline year by year and cost pressures mount, mining companies need to find ways to reduce costs. Hydro-transportation presents an innovative alternative to methods such as conveyor belt systems or rail transportation. In addition, for operations handling and treating raw water, hydro-transportation presents a cost-effective alternative.

HTPS™ has already carried out hydro-transportation projects for a number of Southern African platinum, gold, copper and diamond mines, and we also collaborate with consulting engineers on hydro-transportation projects all over the world.

The transportation of corrosive or abrasive slurry materials in the mining, industrial and municipal markets will lead to rapid failure if the correct solution is not implemented from the outset. SLUR-e-JOIN™ connections along with United Pipeline Systems (UPSI) Tite Liner system combines the inherent strength of steel with the visco-elastic properties of HDPE to deliver high-pressure capability, structural integrity, resistance to mechanical damage and chemical and abrasion resistance – properties that have been well suited for use in hydro-transportation projects for more than 20 years.

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Hydro Transport Piping Solutions has developed an excellent fittings solution in SLUR-e-JOIN™ and UPSI high-pressure pipelines to assist with fittings for pipelines.

The company provides customers with a simple yet specialised solution, comprising a range of fittings, which contains costs and improves the ability to fabricate quickly, with a combination of 4 standard fittings providing uniformity and consistency. The Hydro – transportation fittings range features bends of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 45 degrees these are manufactured in a 5 D long radius figuration to optimise flow-rate characteristics. We also custom manufacture T-pieces, laterals and bends to our customer requirements.

Hydro Transport Piping Solutions’ most current offering makes use of a precision pre-machined embedded stub, butt welded in accordance with ISO 21307:2017. The bolted solution creates a Flange-to-Flange joint that is superior in pressure and load capability.

Tite Liner® System

UNITED PIPELINE SYSTEMS – AEGION (UPSI) Tite Liner system consists of a continuous lining of polyethylene (PE), where the entire process takes place on-site with the use of a wire pulling the PE liner through a roller reduction box, into a host pipe. The continuous lining sections vary from 250 to 500-metre lengths, where pulling takes place per section. The Tite Liner system is ideal for overland pipelines, where distances of 10 km or further are involved. Tite Liner systems are recommended for the rehabilitation of existing pipelines, or for on-site pipe lining requirements, from a 200 metre-plus nominal bore diameter. 

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