Company Overview

Hydro Transport Piping Solutions is a registered business focusing on providing solutions that the original Aegion South Africa entity provided with the same team. commitment and skill.

Combining the skills and services with HTPS Field Services which has a Level 2 B-BBEEE offer the organisation a complete synergy to the local and international market.

“There is nothing more important than retaining the best skill, experience and knowledge within the new business. It is what has consistently delivered the products, solutions and technical support that our customers have become accustomed to over the last 2 years. This team has the experience, focus and above all the passion for our products and solutions. “By continuing the relationship with our technology Partners within African environment we retain the trust that we have created”, Johann Scholtz MD, HTPS™

The Team

Johann Scholtz​

Nico Schoeman

Floris Coetzee

Jacob Melindi

Kurt Heidrich

Engineered solutions are at the centre of the business. Honesty is the core value that is probably our strongest trait. The turnkey solution relies on long term partnership with our Suppliers, Services Providers and our Customers. This can only be achieved through trust and honesty.

Our Passion

HTPS™ is a leader in the field of hydro-transportation. This is a cost-effective method of transporting bulk solids over long distances by pumping solids in suspension through a specialised pipe solution using water or other liquids as the transportation medium. Steel piping lined with various materials provides the ideal solution for the challenges of modern high-pressure hydro-transport. It is even more important than ever to be able to supply a suite of solutions to this fast-growing market.

The Vision, To become the leading Hydro Transport piping solutions provider in Africa.

This is further supported by our Mission, to provide the best value Hydro Transport solution to our customers every time through, best Technology, Products and Services with engineered solutions at the centre of the business.

The edge of the wedge, that ensures that the solution generates the reliability and lowest cost of ownership for our customers.
Matched to the operational and technical requirements of our customers. Here we have a range of focussed products that ensures the best performance.
Where we pride ourselves in “managing the expectations” and ensuring that we stay relevant to the customer throughout the life of our product.

Johann Scholtz

Johann Scholtz is a graduate professional engineer that spent more than 30 years in the heavy engineering field-leading technical innovation for most of this time as a technical executive. The last 22 years were spent in the tube and pipe industry honing his skills. Johann is actively driving solutions within the Hydro-transport space with active registered patents registered to his name.

Nico Schoeman

Nico Schoeman has a marketing degree as well as a sales and marketing diploma. He has fulfilled the role as Managing Director for more than a decade within the steel pipe solutions and coating industry. He brings experience in contract negotiations, sales and is commercially orientated. He has overseen many multi-million rand projects in South Africa and abroad within the Mining, Industrial and Water industries.

Floris Coetzee

Floris Coetzee holds an honours degree in marketing and heads up the sales and marketing drive. Floris has worked within many sections of the pipe and solution related industry from more than 15 years. His experience in providing the correct solution also includes the general conveyance and related project environments

Jacob Malindi

Jacob Malindi heads the HTPS Field Services operations. He has years’ experience in manufacturing and onsite services. Specializing in pipeline closures, inspections and site services with a support of his dedicated team styles Jacob the ideal manager to offer the value-adding components for HTPS field services for all HTPS customers.

Kurt Heidrich

Kurt Heidrich is leading the operational side at HTPS. He oversees the overall manufacturing processes and quality control to produce the most cost-effective products to our customers. Kurt is supervising and directing the operations to achieve the optimised production in the plant with his years of experience in the mechanical and piping industry.

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