HTPS Field Services


HTPS Field Services are, in essence, the enabler which brings the solution to bear. As a company, HTPS™ provides solutions that comprise a combination of both service and product. The solution, therefore, includes technical services, which start with a scoping study all the way through to commissioning. 

Beyond this, HTPS Field Services is able to facilitate technical support in the form of services, encompassing:

  • Rehabilitation,
  • Correct product and solution selection,
  • Inspection of old and new pipelines,
  • Installation support with reputable contractors
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Pipeline Installation

In terms of hydro-transportation, the differentiator in a successful hydro-transportation system is the correct pipeline installation, which requires considerable expertise and experience to achieve. A number of factors such as:

  • Alignment of the bores to get the maximum flow and to eliminate turbulence
  • Hydraulic seal integrity
  • Correct mating of HDPE Stubs to ensure joint strength
  • Clean flange surfaces to ensure that the embedded stubs seal properly
  • The correct torquing of the bolts to avoid re-tightening.

Regarding all of these factors, Hydro Transport Piping Solutions is unmatched in its levels of expertise and know-how.

At Hydro Transport Piping Solutions Field Services, we offer a range of support services pre-and post-installation to our customers. These include pre-installation scoping and feasibility studies. We are also able to carry out comprehensive pipeline inspections and provide other value-adding support services for the installer or main project contractor pre-and post-installation.

Once the pipeline is operational, the experienced HTPS Field Services technical team can carry out periodic condition evaluation to ensure optimal performance at the lowest total cost of ownership

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Pipeline Assessment

As part of our commitment to offering holistic customer service excellence, HTPS Field Services is focused on providing a complete solution which will assist our customers to optimise their pipeline operations. One such value-adding service is pipeline inspection, which we offer for our installed product base, and within the context of hydro-transportation and CIPP projects as follows:

Hydro-transportation Field Services:

  • Visual inspection of current and new HTPS™-supplied HDPE lined pipelines for any leaks and pipe perspiring post-installation.
  • Technical site support during installation with the main contractor.
  • Assistance on measuring and make-up of ‘closure’ pieces before commissioning.
  • Infrared scanning on-site of HTPS™-supplied HDPE lined pipelines and fittings.
  • Measuring of HDPE lining thickness and recommendation regarding rehabilitation or pipeline turning.

Pipeline Rehabilitation

HTPS Field Services offer a rehabilitation solution for their customers by offering a maintenance plan option. This solution consists of an alternative to the full pipeline replacement. HTPS Field Services offer the refurbishment solution to all their customers. The factory based refurbishment service reduces costs and provides fast turnaround times when compared to traditional capital expenditure projects doesn’t only offer a cost-saving on low capital expenditure for the customer but also the ability to have new pipes in fast turnaround times. The scope of the refurbishment can be an extensive upgrade all the way down to joint replacement. This is dependent on the budget and timeline of the customer:

  • Remove of old HDPE lined or rubber lining
  • Replace with new lining as per customer requirements
  • Collections and delivery of pipes to and from site
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