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SLUR-e-JOIN™ Jointing System

SLUR-e-JOIN™ connections are the next generation in the range of HDPE lined steel pipe spools range.The innovation yields direct financial and reliable benefits to the customer in respect of:

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Why the SLUR-e-JOIN™?



The flange-to-flange joint has significantly better rigidity compared to the “spaced flange” joint


Standard studs and nuts without the exposed shank (reduced cost and theft risk) like on the Polypipe

Elimination of Flange

The elimination of flange warping due to over tensioning of bolts

Higher Joint Loads

Higher joint loads in bend and axial directions. FEA done on the Flange pipe interface

Embedded Stub

The embedded stub creates better seal alignment, anchoring and liner support and sealing interface. The addition of a secondary seal is possible further increasing pressure capability

Seal Area

Lower incidence of damage of the seal area due to poor handling, stacking and installation practice


Piping Solutions Worldwide

Hydro Transport Piping Solutions is a registered business focusing on providing solutions that the original Aegion South Africa entity provided with the same team. commitment and skill.

Combining the skills and services with HTPS Field Services which has a Level 2 B-BBEEE offer the organisation a complete synergy to the local and international market.

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Our Team Leader (MD) with 30 years experience.

Johann Scholtz is a graduate professional engineer that spent more than 30 years in the heavy engineering field-leading technical innovation for most of this time as a technical executive. The last 22 years were spent in the tube and pipe industry honing his skills. Johann is actively driving solutions within the Hydro-transport space with active registered patents registered to his name.

SLUR-e-JOIN™ Jointing System

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